We are 27!
April 12, 2018

Dear friends, today, on April 12, GS Group holding company is celebrating its 27th anniversary!

GS Group has launched mass production of the first Russian SSDs
February 20, 2018

GS Group has announced the start of mass production of the first solid state drives of its own design. The complete production cycle is to be carried out at the Technopolis GS innovation cluster (the GS Group Investment Project in Gusev, Kaliningrad oblast), where output capacity can reach more than one million devices a year. By the end of 2018 GS Group will have brought to market a line of solid-state disks with a capacity of 1 TB for various uses.

GS Group will built a smart home for pay-TV operators
February 1, 2018

GS Group at the CSTB.Telecom & Media-2018 exhibition presented their proprietary smart home system, based on a digital television set-top box. The solution is aimed at pay-TV operators and the first to install this system and offer services to their subscribers through it will be the major Russian digital TV operator, Tricolor TV.

GS Group presents the first Android-powered TV set-top box to be developed and produced in Russia
January 31, 2018

GS Group has created a new-generation TV set-top box - the first Android™-powered TV set-top box developed and produced in Russia. This new device under the brand General Satellite is a far departure from rank-and-file TV, turning your television into a true multimedia centre offering a wide range of tools and services. The capabilities of the new set-top box are on show at the CSTB. Telecom & Media-2018 exhibition. GS Group is planning to introduce a line of similar devices for Russian telecoms operators in the near future.