GS Group runs a comprehensive federal educational program for training personnel in high-tech industries.

At the Technopolis GS cluster's base, there are applied Bachelor's and Master's programmes modelled on network-based continuous education. They are run jointly with leading Russian universities. Students are trained in several areas: innovation management, instrumentation, materials science (nanomaterials, nanotechnology), design and technology of electronic devices, software engineering, applied mathematics and computer science, radio engineering, photonics, and new media technologies. At the same time, the curriculum is deeply integrated with the production side. Studying in parallel at several institutions and undergoing practical training at Technopolis GS enterprises, students develop in-demand technical and managerial competencies.

Educational initiatives for Schoolchildren

  • The GS Group international mathematics competition for high school students from non-capital cities "I Solve!". Eleventh-grade winners of the competition receive a scholarship from the holding (if they enter universities to study technical specialties in demand at Technopolis GS). The best pupils in grades 9-10 enter the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 in St. Petersburg without the need to pass an exam.

Educational Initiatives for Students:

  • Joint educational programmes with universities.
  • The nationwide GS Labs student competition "Program the Future" for designing applications for the domestic software platform StingrayTV.

 Educational Initiatives for Young Professionals

  • Internship at the GS Nanotech Microelectronics Centre as a "trainee engineer" 
  • Professional Development Programmes
  • The nationwide GS Labs competition "Design the Future" for the design of Smart Home devices integrable into the DREHOME&TV Smart Home system.
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