In the year of its 30th anniversary, GS Group is delivering numerous breakthrough industry projects. Technopolis GS has launched he largest production of LEDs in the Russian Federation under the GS LED brand.

GS Nanotech has started production of integrated circuits for Russian smart meters.
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Together with PetrSU, GS Group unveiled prototypes of the NVMe SSD in the U.2 form factor - the first such drive to be designed and manufactured in Russia.
At the First Cardboard Factory, a second line for producing packaging from cast paper pulp was launched. The Group unveiled the digital set-top box GS B621L with a special configuration of tuners and support for ultra-high definition television.
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GS Group, the government of Kaliningrad Oblast and the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University signed a cooperation agreement. Technopolis GS launched mass production of the first Russian SSDs.

More than 4,000 Prancor smart lamps were installed in Kaliningrad Oblast as part of the street lighting modernisation programme.

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GS Group produced 2 million microprocessors using SiP technology.

GS Group, Petrozavodsk State University and Opti-Soft received a grant of RUB 250 million from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for a project to create solid-state storage systems, using integrated circuits with high-level integration. The holding company withdrew from international broadcasting projects and focused on developing its business in Russia.

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GS Group introduces GS A230, the first Russian digital TV set-top box to support Ultra HD (4K) broadcasting.

GS Gamekit, the first Russian game console with HD set-top box functionality enters the market. The holding company launches the first DTH platform in Bangladesh, RealVU. GS Group continues to develop the Engineering and Technological Sciences University Campus in the Technopolis GS innovation cluster.

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The first hybrid device combining the functionality of an HD set-top box and game console – GS Gamekit – has been developed.

GS Group has created the industry division on the basis of the “Business Russia” public organization for radio-electronic industry development in Russia.
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GS Group is the leader in the Russian electronics and telecommunication industries.The holding company has set up the mass production of Russia’s first microchip under the SiP technology – SiP Amber S2.

The innovation cluster Technopolis GS is becoming the largest contract manufacturing site for electronics in Eastern Europe. GS Group is working towards business diversification based on proprietary high technologies. The Dedovichi production facility complex for deep wood processing is continuing development in the Pskov region.

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General Satellite Corporation announces the foundation of a multi-industry holding company and performs a rebranding. All the business areas are united under the new international brand GS Group.

The new holding structure features consumer electronics and set-top box manufacturing under the General Satellite brand, a group of high-tech industries in the field of microelectronics and nanotechnologies within the Technopolis GS innovative cluster. All the business areas are united under the new international brand of GS Group.

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The Corporation’s scientific and technical potential grows steadily. General Satellite Corporation pioneers 3D broadcasting in Eastern Europe.

In recent years, Technopolis GS has become an international communication platform in the field of microelectronics production and digital broadcasting worldwide.

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In an effort to create its own powerful technological base, the Corporation launches an investment project called Technopolis GS, which is the largest private innovation cluster in Eastern Europe.

Several innovative multi-profile production sites in the field of microelectronics and nanotechnologies are developed within this project including Digital Television Systems, the largest digital satellite set-top box manufacturing in Eastern Europe. The necessary infrastructure and a creative innovative environment for the life of modern people are formed.

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The continuous efforts of specialists in the field of quality improvement have resulted in numerous international awards. The Corporation receives the first of them at the CSTB Exhibition in Moscow in 2005.


The company’s engineering division develops the first set-top boxes with its own in-house software for satellite, terrestrial and cable television viewing. Production is expanded to the facilities in Shenzhen, China. A permanent office representation is opened in China, with the objective of production management and product quality assurance.


Having gradually implemented a development strategy within the field of high technology, the Corporation allocates an engineering division as a special structural division. Its first significant success comes from opening its own assembly line of subscriber set-top boxes under the Humax brand.

The Russian General Satellite Corporation becomes respected as one of the world leaders in the satellite TV market.

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Strategic decisions on the Corporation’s future are adopted. International knowledge intensive projects become a priority. The company is selected as the exclusive supplier of subscriber equipment for NTV-Plus, the first major Russian satellite-broadcasting project.

General Satellite is awarded the status of a countrywide telecommunications company. Corporation affiliates are opened throughout major Russian cities.

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Thanks to successful marketing campaigns overseas and amongst the domestic market, the company becomes one of leading suppliers of a full range of equipment for TV companies in Eastern Europe. It turns into a major integrator in the field, known as the General Satellite Corporation.

The company for the sale and servicing of broadcasting satellite systems is founded in St. Petersburg (Russia) within the emerging Eastern Europe satellite TV market.
High professionalism and expertise of the company’s specialists, along with significant sales amounts, lead to the signing of contracts on exclusive supplies of equipment with such renowned corporations as Pace Micro Technology (UK) and Humax (S. Korea).
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