Environmental production technologies

GS Group shares the opinion that the further development of mankind and the environment it creates is impossible without a responsible and considerate attitude towards nature, close interaction with it, economical use of resources, and the environmental friendliness of modern industries. The holding supports the ideas of sustainable design, waste reduction, reuse and recycling. This approach will allow the transition from outdated waste disposal methods (such as incinerators) to new smart systems for organising production.

It is these ideas that underpin the setting up of cast paper container production at the First Cardboard Factory (PKF). The company uses waste-free technologies. Waste from PKF's own workshops is used as a raw material for paper pulp - cuttings obtained from the processing of corrugated cardboard.

In 2015, GS Group opened the General Satellite electronics recycling plant in Tula. The launch of the enterprise allowed the Group to create an environmentally friendly closed cycle of production and disposal of consumer electronics with a high degree of recycling. As a result of the project, over 100 new jobs were created in Tula region. The recycling process in place at the new GS Group plant minimises the amount of waste destined for further disposal. Thanks to well-established production procedures, after processing some of the components will be used in the manufacture of new equipment under the General Satellite brand at enterprises at the Technopolis GS.

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