Smart city

GS Group is expanding its competencies in the field of smart cities. The pilot project has been deployed in the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. A multifunctional, flexible and scalable platform has been developed to manage the life of the innovation city. The system's key area: the processes associated with housing and communal services. The solution automates monitoring, dispatching, and telemetric data collection from metering devices. It minimises manual labour, thereby increasing work efficiency and eliminating human error. A smart city makes the most of the energy-saving systems capabilities.

The platform operates on a universal core of Russian design, which is based on open source code applying industrial standards. This enables the processing of information from almost any end device of various manufacturers, using both wired and wireless communication channels for data transmission. When stored, data is kept safe from the possibility of it leaking or being switched.

With the ongoing digitalisation of all aspects of human life, smart city technologies are becoming increasingly relevant. Testing the solution at the Technopolis GS cluster allows GS Group to fine tune its functionality and prepare it for launch on the external market. In the future, based on the platform developed, it will be possible to implement various solutions: from the compact (smart houses, residential areas, campuses) to the large-scale (smart cities and regions).