One TV, the first Cambodian national pay digital terrestrial TV platform has lived through its first year which proved a success. In July, 2012, One TV had its soft launch: broadcasting of 20 channels in digital DVB-T standard started in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. The commercial start of broadcasting followed in September, 2012. Experts note that the project launched by GS Group has come way ahead of the general digitization process in the country as dropping the analogue TV there is scheduled only by the year 2015.

One year ago exactly, on July, 24, 2012 the official ceremony of the platform soft launch in Sofitel Hotel in Phnom Penh was attended by many high officials. Guests from various organizations estimated the event as highly significant for modernizing telecommunications in Cambodia. Among them were the members of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Minister of Information of Cambodia and other officials. Delegates of international and industrial organizations were also present, including those of the International Telecommunication Union.

“The official switch-off from analogue to digital TV is to be completed in the Kingdom of Cambodia by the year 2015,” Stephen Wong, Newmedia Solutions PTE LTC Senior Expert commented. “GS Group anticipated this deadline. In a year since initiation of test broadcasting we can see that the project emerged in time in Cambodian market”.

The expert also noted that One TV has the fastest subscriber growth rate among all other operators in the market of the country. “This means that high-quality digital TV is in demand in Cambodia. Besides, GS Group did an amazing task of setting up the digital terrestrial network and thus creating a ‘template’ using which they can implement similar terrestrial digital network in other Asian countries”. Mr. Wong went on saying that using the ‘template’, GS Group will be able to assist other countries to digitalize their terrestrial network in a timely manner, fulfilling digitalization ahead of ITU deadline target.

“One TV success is a unique example of the international Russian-Cambodian teamwork, cooperation, and synergy”, - said Mrs. Polina Belova, startup CEO, board director of Royal Media Entertainment Corporation Ltd. “I am very thankful to our teams in Russia and in Cambodia, which showed their loyalty and strong believes in our joint project, gave their 100% devotion to this “baby”, which everyday had to give their energy, creativity and minds to make it work. And great appreciation to our shareholders who believed in us and provided us resources to launch it”.

Together with its local partner, GS Group holding (former General Satellite) initiated the project in late 2011. The platform under brand name One TV was launched by a joint venture of GS Group holding and the Royal Group of Companies (Cambodia). GS Group is initiator, main investor and technical integrator of the digital platform.