The Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA) announced its launch on 13 June 2017. The Association has been founded by the largest private players in the electronics industry: GS Group Holding, Zelax, ATOL, Etalon factory and Svyaz Engineering - and more than 30 enterprises have expressed readiness to join EDMA. In future the Association will include more than 100 companies. EDMA is intended to develop the Russian electronics industry by coordinating the activity of private companies and the state, strengthening industry cooperation, implementing occupational guidance measures for young professionals, further increasing export potential and entering the global market.

The Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association will become the main information center for the industry, the representative of industry interests to government authorities, an initiator and coordinator of the most significant investment projects. EDMA will provide its participants with an effective platform for discussing law making initiatives, uniform standards and the latest national developments and products. The Association was founded by GS Group Holding, Zelax, ATOL, Etalon factory and Svyaz Engineering. Mr. Ivan Pokrovskiy was appointed as the CEO of EDMA; currently he is the general director of the Information and Analytical Center of Modern Electronics. EDMA intends to consolidate the efforts of the business community in implementing industry strategy that is aimed at developing of the Russian electronics industry, formation of national technological champions and strengthening their position on the internal market, further growth of the export potential of national electronics and assist entering the global market. One of the top priority tasks, which have to be solved by Association participants, is to undertake a complex analysis of the industry, devise a development strategy, assess real opportunities for national enterprises, promote its own offers to regulate the industry for the state authorities, and to counteract any illegal activity on the market.

More than 30 companies have expressed willingness to join the Association: companies engaged in electronics development and manufacturing as well as those operating in related fields. In the near future, the Association will unite more than 100 key Russian enterprises of the electronics industry. Participation in EDMA will help companies build partnership relationships and be united into efficiently operating chains, which will allow a systematic restoration and development of activities in the design and production of equipment, components and materials in Russia. The most important activity of the Association will be the assistance for the integration of Russian manufactures to get involved in the projects, which intend to ensure accelerated digital development of the Russian economy, including the National Technological Initiative program.

“The digital economy of the future doesn’t just mean a reduction of routine labor but it is also a new level of communications between companies: the development of professional societies – ecosystems - that are becoming the most important market subjects. One of the most important of EDMA’s aims is to develop an industrial engineering and business community and integrate it into the global ecosystem of electronics industry,” said Mr. Ivan Pokrovskiy, EDMA CEO.

Currently, the Association includes a number of committees: an internal market regulation committee intended to significantly increase the share of Russian manufacturers in the Russian market; an international committee supporting Russian companies in entering foreign markets; a contractual production committee oriented towards popularization and implementation of effective models of contractual production in enterprises; and a staff committee providing occupational guidance in schools and universities and responsible for the development of staff potential in EDMA members. The Association intends to expand the number of committees targeted at solving burning issues for the industry.

“Today we see a significant technological gap between Russia and the West. We need active measures to restore and strengthen the electronics sector as a driver of innovative, economic, and social development and a basis to state technological independence. The Association regards the global market as the primary endpoint for long-term development plans, but to enter it, it is important to reinstate the national electronics industry to consolidate the efforts of private companies and regulators in implementing an industry strategy, to create our own technological champions and grow export potential. We are confident that implementation of an ambitious strategy for the development of the electronics industry will make a solid contribution to accelerating economic growth and halting the stagnation of the Russian economy,” commented Mr. Andrey Bezrukov, the head of the EDMA internal market regulation committee and GS Group strategic marketing manager.

The Association was announced on 13 June 2017 at a press conference at TASS. This event was visited by EDMA CEO Ivan Pokrovskiy, Svyaz Engineering deputy CEO Vladimir Khlebnikov, the head of the EDMA internal market regulation committee and GS Group strategic marketing manager Andrey Bezrukov, Etalon factory production development director Konstantin Radchenko, Zelax research and development enterprise director Sergey Sukhman, and Evotor production and development director Sergey Zorin.