GS Group received a verdict from the Trade and Industry Ministry regarding approval for production of all modifications to GS LED in the Russian Federation. The products have been included in the Register of Russian Industrial Products.

Added to the register of industrial products made in Russia are 20 modifications to LEDs, manufactured under the brand GS LED. These LEDs come in the three most widespread and in-demand packages: 2835 PLCC, 3030 EMC, and 5050 EMC. The units’ power rating is from 0.5 to 4.0 W; colour temperatures range from 2,700 to 5,000 K; the possible colour rendering index is over 80. The LEDs are designed for voltages of from 3 to 24 V.

Andrey Martynov Director of Strategic Projects Department, GS Group

“Inclusion of the whole GS LED range of models on the register opens up new opportunities for our customers. They now have access to even more components which can be used to produce lamps meeting legal requirements regarding the origin of Russian products. We are striving to meet the demands of the industry for domestic LEDs and are glad that the Trade and Industry Ministry is supporting development of the market for Russian electronic components.”

Large-scale production of LEDs under the brand GS LED was launched in June 2021 at premises of high-tech enterprises at the Technopolis GS innovation cluster. Manufacturing infrastructure includes 700 sq. m of their own Class 7 clean rooms, which has the potential to be expanded up to 1,500 sq. m. GS Group is the only LED producer in Russia with its own clean rooms equipped to such a level. The main technology used for packaging LEDs is the method of mounting crystals on a carrier frame with subsequent micro-welding, sealing with a gel-phosphor mix and testing for commercial properties. In place at the production facilities is high-performance equipment facilitating all these operations. Capacity at Technopolis GS enterprises enables up to 145M LEDs to be produced every year.