The StingrayTV software platform, developed by the specialists at GS Labs, has successfully entered the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)’s state register of software for computers and databases, with registration number 2021619874 of 18.06.2021.
StingrayTV is an interactive software platform for digital TV devices which uses processors with different kinds of architecture and capacities that support television in SD, HD, and Ultra HD/4K.

This cross-platform software solution means customers can choose any method for receiving content. Ingoing information can be sorted and transferred through the optimal channel: live television, satellite, video on demand, WIFI, or Ethernet. Thanks to selective termination between the servers, the broadcaster guarantees a high level of service for subscribers and calculates the best way to use resources. StingrayTV can be integrated into different systems (CAS, BSS, etc.), allowing operators to ensure the security of content and to manage it, and to analyse data on the subscriber base.
StingrayTV makes it possible to configure and update various JavaScript apps, such as DREHOME&TV Smart Home. This means that the operator can provide subscribers with unique services and apps, depending on the expectations of the target audience.
For digital TV subscribers, StingrayTV unlocks all the possibilities of SmartTV - watching content, recording films and shows, including on a timer (personal video recorder - PVR), TimeShift (pausing and rewinding), and accessing online cinemas and popular video services.
“The StingrayTV platform is built according to a modular principle, which means it is universal and can be installed on different devices and chips, regardless of the manufacturer. This makes our product competitive not only on the domestic telecommunication market, but also at a global level. Registering with Rospatent has strengthened our product’s position on the domestic market. This was also a mandatory condition for entering the software in the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media’s register of Russian software, and for participating in software supply tenders for state companies. We consider our next step to be the creation of an open code version of StingrayTV to allow set-top box producers to install the software on the equipment and alter it to suit their own requirements.” - Alexey Goylo,Head of Sales and Marketing at GS Labs.