GS Group has presented the GS B523L - a digital box under the General Satellite brand in a new matte casing with additional identification on the front panel. This model already supports 4K TV and allows users to easily connect to a satellite antenna thanks to the unique configuration of its double tuner. The receiver was developed in Russia and is produced at the enterprises of the Technopolis GS innovation centre.

The GS B523L has a new, stylish matte casing. It is a black box with rounded edges which fits into any interior. Its smoother lines and fewer corners distinguish it from previous models. The updated shape of the receiver meets the requirements of regular users of General Satellite equipment.

The front panel of the GS B523L have additional indicators. These show the status of the satellite, Bluetooth and internet connections, and any unread messages in the TV Mail section or the My Account app*. General Satellites customers will already be familiar with the special dual-tuner configuration, which allows users to connect their GS B523L to an antenna without any additional converter or equipment. After connecting the device to the converter with a single converter with one output, users can enjoy all the advantages of a dual-tuner receiver. These include independent streaming on a second screen** and background running of system processes.

The new device receives a satellite signal and broadcasts the content in super high resolution on televisions, tablets, or smartphones with Ultra HD capabilities. It can also translate 4K into lower resolution to make 4K channels available to users with televisions that do not support UHD.

The GS B523L uses an MStar C2P central processor and a coprocessor developed by specialists at GS Group. This combination ensures rapid data processing and reliable content protection.

The device StingrayTV runs on the StingrayTV software platform, developed by GS Labs. When watching programmes via satellite and a connection to external storage, the PVR (record programmes) and TimeShift (watch later) features are available. Users of the GS B523L can also enjoy interactive services and apps: Cinema, Cinematic, Tricolor Smart Home, and more.

General Satellite branded equipment is developed and manufactured in Russia. The hardware and software are built by GS Labs. The product is manufactured at enterprises within the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in Kaliningrad Oblast. The first General Satellite 4K device, the GS A230, was released in 2016. Tricolor’s customers gained mass access to 4K technology in early 2019 with the release of the GS B527/B528.

* Bluetooth functionality will be available in future versions of the software and will require a Bluetooth Dongle USB.
** If parameters do not match, the main receiver will take priority.