Cardboard packaging manufacturer First Cardboard Factory has fully refitted its production line for corrugated cardboard boxes. The enterprise has commissioned new equipment with greater automation and increased output to 3 million products a month. This is the highest production capacity for such packaging products in Kaliningrad Oblast.

First Cardboard Factory sells 100% of these corrugated boxes produced in Kaliningrad Oblast. The new equipment will enable the plant to produce up to 280 items a minute, and the line operates around the clock in four shifts. Boxes are made from three-ply and five-ply corrugated cardboard, which is also produced at the factory.

Marat Kaveevа CEO of First Cardboard Factory

“The fully automated line allows us to increase the production of corrugated cardboard boxes by 15% by switching between orders more quickly. The new line also has three flexo printing colours, which has enabled us to expand the range. We have fully switched to using Russian raw materials and are increasing procurement volumes from federal and regional suppliers.”

First Cardboard Factory has three lines for processing corrugated cardboard blanks in sizes from 310x720 mm to 1200x2700 mm: a complex flat cutting line, a cardboard box production line and a folding corrugated cardboard box production line. The plant can produce up to 80 million m2 of different types of packaging material a year. The products are in demand in regional food sector plants, agro-industrial enterprises, industrial plants and furniture manufacturers.