GS Group has received a declaration that all GS LED light-emitting diodes comply with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (TR EAEU) “On restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment” (TR EAEU 037/2016). The document is valid for five years.

The declaration on TR EAEU conformity states that the products meet the mandatory quality and safety requirements and can be freely sold on the market in the countries of the Union. Conformity was confirmed for all LEDs produced under the GS LED brand in 2835, 3030 and 5050 cases. The declaration was issued on the basis of laboratory tests. TR EAEU 037/2016 conformity means that the products do not contain any harmful substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

Enclosed GS LED light-emitting diodes are used as a source of white light and are designed for surface mounting on printed circuit boards. Area of application: indoor, industrial, architectural and street lighting. Rated power consumption of the products: from 0.5 to 4.0 watts; nominal colour temperature: from warm white (2700K) to cool white (6500K); colour rendering index: CRI 70, CRI 80.

The LEDs are designed for voltages from 3 to 24 volts

Large-scale production of LEDs under the GS LED brand was launched in June 2021 at high-tech enterprises in the Technopolis GS innovation cluster. The production infrastructure includes 700 square metres of class 7 cleanrooms, with the potential to expand to 1500 square metres. GS Group is the only producer of LEDs in the Russian Federation with its own cleanrooms with such a level of equipment.

GS LED light-emitting diodes are included in the Register of Russian Industrial Products. Technopolis GS enterprises perform all technological operations required for the LEDs to be recognised as Russian: the production of LED cases and packaging, control tests. Russian phosphor is used in the production of the LEDs.

New modifications of GS LED light-emitting diodes are developed and produced by the company’s R&D centre, where the full cycle of pilot-design, development and research is performed.

The products are controlled at every stage of production to ensure their high quality. The quality management system is certified by ISO 9001:2015.

The capacity of Technopolis GS enterprises provides for the annual production of 145 million LEDs.