GS Group presented the GS B529L digital set-top box with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth under the General Satellite brand. It comes in a stylish matte new-generation case. This model broadcasts TV in 4K format, and its twin tuner configuration makes it easy to connect to a satellite antenna. The receiver was developed in Russia and is produced at Technopolis GS innovation cluster enterprises.

The dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) Wi-Fi module means that GS B529L digital set-top box users have a reliable internet connection and access to OTT services. The module supports Bluetooth technology, so you can connect additional devices to the receiver.

The tuners’ special configuration means that you can connect the set-top box to an antenna without an additional converter or equipment. As a result, the connection is quick and easy, which is what General Satellite users are used to.

GS B529L runs on the StingrayTV software platform, developed by GS Labs specialists at the GS Group research and development centre. PVR (record live) and Timeshift (watch later) functions are available when watching programmes via satellite and with external storage connected. The GS B529L also provides access to interactive services and apps: Kino, Cinemateque, Tricolor Smart Home, etc.

The new set-top box receives a satellite signal and broadcasts Ultra HD content on TVs, tablets and smartphones that support UHD technology. It can also transform 4K to a lower resolution, making 4K channels accessible to people whose TVs don’t support UHD.

The GS B529L is built on the basis of an ALi CPU and GS Group’s proprietary coprocessor. This combination ensures high data processing speed and content protection.

The receiver comes in a stylish matte new-generation case. It is a black rectangle with rounded edges, which will blend in with any interior. The front panel contains indicators that display the satellite connection status, internet connection status, unread mail in the TV-Mail section in the My Account app and Bluetooth status*. The GS B529L has USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, AV and IR ports.

General Satellite brand equipment is developed and produced in Russia. The hardware and software are created by GS Labs. Production is performed at plants in the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in Kaliningrad Oblast. The first General Satellite 4K set-top box, the GS A230, was launched in 2016. 4K technology became widely available for Tricolor customers in early 2019 with the release of the GS В527/В528 set-top boxes.

* Bluetooth will be available in future software versions with the connection of a Bluetooth USB dongle.