Cardboard manufacturer First Cardboard Factory has launched its third production line for packaging made from moulded paper pulp. This line increases the company’s annual capacity to 30 million units.

Products made from moulded paper pulp are widely used in packaging for food and non-food goods. First Cardboard Factory produces packages (trays) for 10 eggs in three colour solutions with a high-quality full-colour label. The product is formed using triple pressing, then dried and sterilised at high temperature. This method ensures sterility, moisture resistance and the absence of chemical additives. The trays fully comply with international food safety standards. The factory has a laboratory that performs multistage quality control at all stages of production.

The products are sold in Kaliningrad Oblast and Leningrad Oblast and are also exported, representing Kaliningrad Oblast as the largest producer of goods for the agricultural sector.

First Cardboard Factory started production of moulded paper pulp containers in 2013, and in June 2020, the company launched a second production line and doubled capacity. The company works with egg producers – large chicken farms with high production volumes – and with distributors who distribute products to small farms.