The Smart Home system developed by GS Group has become the key service Tricolor Smart Home and is available to the operator’s customers from March 4. This solution uses a digital TV set-top box, which becomes the “brain” of the smart home after being connected to the control module.

The main feature of this solution is its unique software platform, which combines the capabilities of a smart home with Commercial Television apps and services. The system is customised for the specific user and provides the option to expand the range of peripherals.

Tricolor Smart Home’s functionality is implemented with Zigbee technology and integrated into the Stingray TV interactive platform. The updated version provides the user with a separate section with an intuitive easy-to-use interface. To deploy the system simply acquire and connect the control module and smart elements (peripherals – sensors, bulbs, sockets, etc.) to the top-set box. The system can operate autonomously, but when connected to the internet, it provides the user with additional options: remote control, push notifications, etc. It only takes a few minutes to install and set up the equipment, and you don’t need any special skills to do it.

The Tricolor Smart Home line currently includes 11 devices. After connecting the system, the operator's customers can create their own smart home operation scenarios and use the pre-installed ones.

Vasiliy Gudzenko Executive Director of GS Labs

«We have created a unique software and hardware system that can quickly and relatively inexpensively deploy a smart home based on a TV set-top box. The familiar and intuitive Stingray TV platform interface, the ability to control the system from the TV menu or remotely, using iOS or Android apps for tablets and smartphones will make using a smart home remarkably convenient».

Tricolor Smart Home will tell you if there is a water leak, gas leak, smoke or an open door. You can remotely control light in every room, change the brightness, intensity and colour, get detailed energy use statistics, track temperature and air humidity values.

Smart Home software for General Satellite TV set-top boxes (GS B520, GS B521, GS E521L, GS B521H, GS B521HL, GS B522, GS B5310, GS B5311, GS B531N, GS B531M, GS B532M, GS B533M, GS B534M) is already available to update automatically or manually on www.gs.ru. The list of smart home compatible receivers will be expanded in the future.