GS Labs Research and Development Centre (part of GS Group holding) has received the decision on granting a patent for the unique functionalities of StingrayTV. This interactive platform was developed for digital television set-top boxes that support TV viewing in SD, HD and Ultra HD formats.

StingrayTV allows viewers to take advantage of the many functions of Smart TV and is suitable for receiving and processing signals in all environments – satellite, cable, and internet. It provides the ability to record films and programs, also by setting an automatic recording timer (Personal Video Recorder, PVR), automatic TimeShift (stop and rewind “live” TV to go back to a scene you missed or want to watch again, or skip uninteresting scenes); and integrates with smart home systems.

GS Labs has developed a product containing state-of-the-art technology: a smart function for automatically determining programs that are most interesting for each specific viewer, which makes it possible for the user to transparently record the required content and watch it at any time without being connected to the internet.

Maxim Samsonov First deputy CEO of GS Labs

«We have created a unique software solution, which is a framework and a monolithic C ++ application for digital TV. It is cross-platform, has low hardware requirements, can obtain content in a number of ways (satellite, terrestrial, internet), flexibly integrates with different systems (CAS, statistics, etc.), and additional JavaScript apps can be installed and updated. All these advantages make our project competitive both on the domestic and global telecom markets. Obtaining a patent is the first step in implementing our plans for expanding our sales geography. StingrayTV will be presented tomorrow at the IBC exhibition held in Amsterdam on September 13-17 on the stand of our partner SmarDTV. I am certain that our European colleagues will be impressed by our Russian development».

For more information about the StingrayTV platform, please visit stingray-tv.com.