Two products from the GS Labs research and development centre — the DRE Event Server and DRE Advanced Media Platform SCRAMBLER — were successfully registered at the same time by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

The DRE Event Server is a monitoring server designed to effectively transmit events and metrics from client devices. It collects data on the interaction between the user and the receiver and control panel, as well as on registration and authorisation in TV applications and their use for watching TV channels and VOD content. The server also informs about how users search for content, interact with UI elements and how adverts are shown to them. As well as collecting data, the system puts together statistics and uploads events for subsequent analysis as a basis for recommendation mechanisms and a monitoring system.

The DRE Advanced Media Platform SCRAMBLER is a server designed to scramble original Live TV signals received at the head-end station, or VOD content received from external storage. Scrambling is the process of encrypting transcoded stream keys received from a DRM server. Previously, GS Labs had registered with Rospatent the exclusive rights to six products, forming part of the IPTV/OTT platform: a metadata processing server (META DATA SERVER, MDS), a software updating service (Update Management System, UMS), a caching server (CACHE SERVER, CS), a streaming server (STREAMER), as well as client applications based on Android/iOS and SmartTV (Samsung, LG).

Alexey Goylo Sales and Marketing Director, GS Labs

“Registering another two products with Rospatent confirms their legal purity and Russian origin and helps to give prominence to our market proposals. We are systematically developing our line of DRE products and making them recognisable to the consumer. Our aim is for the brand to become a guarantee of quality for customers.”